Howdy! Illianna here, your PR and Marketing ninja looking to take a swift karate kick to your industry’s content.

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I chose a degree in PR because of my entrepreneurial parents. My parents both owned their own businesses but had a hard time thinking of creative ways to keep the lights on. I saw the struggle both of my parents went through, so I made it a goal of mine to help businesses, clients, friends and family reach their potential by offering them what I’ve learned in this amazing industry.

2019 Weightlifting Wise Competition

In my spare time, I am a competitive weightlifter for a local Austin, Texas, gym Austin Weightlifting. I have been a competitive member for two years and even competed in my first weightlifting meet, The Iron Cat, last year. You can view my experience on dieting, training and interviews with my coaches on my weightlifting blog in the tab above.

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