The Oly Life: Snatch & Clean and Jerk

There are two movements in Olympic weightlifting—the snatch, and clean and jerk. My friend Beverly Lopez will be showing you both of these lifts. The snatch will be shown in the first video, and in the second video will be the clean and jerk.

The snatch is probably the most complicated movement in Olympic weightlifting.  The hips must rise at the same time, and you must keep the bar close enough; so you are able to reach high with the elbows and punch the barbell overhead—ending in a squat position. There are variations to the snatch that can be caught in different positions like the power position. For the sake of simplicity, I will only go over the full snatch.

The clean and jerk involves the same amount of attention; by keeping the bar close, and making sure everything rises at the same time. There is a slite dip in the knees to punch the bar over while splitting the feet to secure a lunge position. Now, as you can see Beverly was a little shaky, but still was able to punch the bar over her head, so the judges raised the white flag making it a good lift.

In both videos, the lifts require a lot of strength and skill to accomplish—for some, this may seem impossible, but I assure you like with any skill it takes practice and a lot of it. For more information on these movements, please feel free to check out U.S.A Weightlifting’s page.

In my next blog, I will be discussing my workouts to get me ready for my first weightlifting meet—the IronCat. Thanks for following along!



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