24 Hours Until My First Weightlifting Meet

The moment I started weightlifting, I knew I wanted to test everything I have learned, and it’s finally here! I am 24 hours away from competing in my first ever weightlifting meet. I have had some people ask me, “Are you ready?” My answer is always the same. “Yeah, I think so, with a cheerful grin of nerves.” I have trained and worked hard for five months, and it is boiling down to six lifts. There are three attempts for each lift, the snatch and clean and jerk. For instance, if I make my first attempt on my snatch lift, I can move up in weight, but I will only have three attempts on that lift. The same requirements would apply to the clean and jerk attempts.

In preparation for Iron Cat, my coach and teammates have been super supportive; they gave me advice from their past meets and reminded me that this is my first meet, so I shouldn’t overthink it too much. I would like to show you a video I made from one of my training programs along with an attempt of my PR (personal record) on my snatch that I made the other day.

The squat clean is a movement that prepares for the clean and jerk. If you don’t know what a “clean and jerk” is, please refer to my second blog post on how that is performed.

In the first video, I mention kilos, in weightlifting, the required weight is lifted in kilograms, not pounds. So, I first warm up with a light to moderately hard weight; 36kg/81lb, 45 kg/99 lb, and last 57 kg/125 lb.  These numbers are based on my max clean and jerk that I tested five months ago. Weightlifters use a base called, “maxes” to calculate a percentage to work off of based on programming.



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