Another Weightlifting Blog?!

A Review: Wine to Weightlifting 

When I was trying to look up blogs similar to mine, I googled, “weightlifting blog for beginners, Olympic weightlifting, female weightlifting blogs,” and finally came across one that I found close to mine. The first impression I had of Wine to Weightlifting was what a great website name. It was catchy, and you knew what it was going to be about. Jennifer’s journey could not be more similar to mine. She found weightlifting through CrossFit in 2013, and she fell in love with the sport. In fact, I’m sure that we are not the only two women that have gone through the struggles of body image and boyfriend troubles that led us to CrossFit and weightlifting. In her “About Me” post, she describes in great detail of her journey, and on how Crossfit and weightlifting have changed her life. She has pictures from when she use to weigh 114 pounds to 142 pounds, and at 142 pounds there’s definition in her arms and looks overall healthier than when she was 114 pounds! Do you know how that was possible? Two words ladies and gentlemen, muscle mass.

I would like to share a quote from Jennifer’s about me post.

On the blog, I love to spotlight other lifting ladies, as well as try to encourage other women to put their trust in the barbell. It has done so much for me; there is something so empowering about lifting weights that helps to completely change you as a person inside and out. 

This is what weightlifting is all about, and I how I was drawn to it too! Jennifer continues to inspire other women as well as men that are looking for advice on where to start.  Just like the both of us we needed information, and we trusted someone from our inner circle to ask, “how do I start?” Jennifer and I both made the best decisions of our lives by picking up a barbell, and how the whole myth of lifting weights is going to make you bulky is not a good reason to not try strength training.

On Jennifer’s website, you can also find great information on food, workouts, and discounts for workout gear and vitamins?! Now, that’s a deal. Her blog is a one-stop shop for information! Thank you for your inspirational story, Jennifer, I hope to reach as many individuals like you have and provide my blog with the same caliber of useful tools that they can refer to.

I have some work to do on my blog, but it is great to see similar stories from a female weightlifter that just gets it, and what we are trying to accomplish with our blogs. If you would like to follow Jennifer on social media, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest 



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