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The slideshow above will give you some insight into my gym and the training equipment that come with it. After the Iron Cat, training is never over. I am back training for another competition in June, and luckily for me, it is going to be at my gym, CrossFit Austin. If you haven’t already noticed that my weightlifting gym is also a CrossFit gym. At CrossFit Austin, there is a variety of programs ranging not just for CrossFit but other programs like weightlifting, massage therapy, and private lessons.

These five featured pictures are a glimpse of what the gym is truly made of, and when I first entered the gym, I was overwhelmed because I never saw anything like it before. At CrossFit Austin there is no air-conditioning, there are big bay doors and big fans that provide some sense of circulation and relief after you are done with a workout. I’ve been asked so many times over these past three years, why would I workout in a place that has no A/C? And I had the same thought when I joined, but after the first couple months the pounds fell off like ice cream off a cone in the middle of the summer, after a couple of months of joining CrossFit Austin. I saw the results that I had always wanted, and not only that I was able to do things like pull-ups and push-ups that I had never thought I could do before.

In my introduction, I talked about how I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting through CrossFit, and how prepared me for these big lifts today. CrossFit gave me the strength and base to work up to these big numbers like a 200-pound back squat that I can do today.

Published by Illianna Degollado

Hi, my name is Illianna! And I'm from Austin, Texas. Fun fact about me, yes already into the first sentence here's a fun fact, I am what the locals call a "unicorn." I have lived in Austin for 28 years now, and have yet to love another city as much as this one. Do I need to get out more? You betcha! I live with my fiance, Matt, and our two doggos. My two-year-old Boxer named Katrin and my 10-year-old miniature dachshund named Marley. And, yes, it's never a dull moment with a dog that doesn't know she weighs 65 pounds and the other who still tries to own the house at a whomping 15 pounds. When I'm not escaping the beautiful traffic of Austin, I am a local marketer for an up and coming marketing consulting agency. I specialize in helping clients with their LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to drive more sales, brand awareness and become a thought leader for their field and network. I love my job for one reason, I love helping people. My passion for marketing, pr and social media started in my late teen years. I was going to high school and was blessed to have hard-working parents. So much so, they would own their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. I saw the struggle and the difficulty it took on both of my parents, and what made it even more frustrating was the passion and skillset for their profession, but their marketing efforts weren't executed effectively. Now, we swing it back to today! I love my field and I love what I do. There are sooooo many thought leaders, influencers, content strategist that tell us all the time...this is the correct formula to follow to reach "X", but in reality, just like technology, it's always changing.

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