Following Interview with Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Austin, Tim Garland!

I enjoyed interviewing my Weightlifting Coach, Dylan Wall, so much that I decided to interview the owner of Austin Weightlifting and CrossFit Austin too! First, I would like to provide a little overview of the new owner of CrossFit Austin and Austin Weightlifting, and how I became such a firm believer in both of these exercise outlets.

Austin Weightlifting resides in South Austin and is located off of Congress Avenue and Slaughter Lane. Austin Weightlifting is an extension program to CrossFit Austin established in 2008. CrossFit Austin is owned and operated by Tim Garland and his brother John Garland. However, it wasn’t always owned by the Garland brothers. Tim was actually one of CrossFit Austin’s head coaches for a while until he decided to buy the gym from the previous owner. Tim graduated from Texas State University with a major in Excercise and Sports Science and minor in Business Administration.

Tim’s updates to CrossFit Austin and the love he has for the sport illuminates throughout the rubber flooring of the gym. He may be the owner of CrossFit Austin, but he couldn’t operate it without his dedicated coaches and members. CrossFit Austin and Austin Weightlifting both have over 200 members and growing. The growing interest in both CrossFit and Weightlifting has increased over the past 10 years. Why you might ask? Becuase it works, the success of members provides the ever-growing strength and abilities from day to day. A member that struggled to get a chin-up their first day in the gym is now doing 10 or more, and it’s not just in the gym but everyday life.

Please watch this five-minute video of me interviewing the new owner and head coach of CrossFit Austin, Tim Garland!

And, the reason I can confirm CrossFit is a game-changer because it changed my life. I have experienced a progression in strength over the past couple of months by helping my boyfriend move our couch. A couch that felt like 500 pounds almost a year ago still felt heavy, but I found myself lifting and maneuvering it with ease this time around. CrossFit or Weightlifting whatever you decide to tap into are both great exercise outlets to gain strength from. I will tell you I was one of the few that told myself it was not for me, but now I find myself wanting to get stronger and complete my lifelong goal of back squatting double my bodyweight, why do you ask? Well, why not?


Published by Illianna Degollado

Hi, my name is Illianna! And I'm from Austin, Texas. Fun fact about me, yes already into the first sentence here's a fun fact, I am what the locals call a "unicorn." I have lived in Austin for 28 years now, and have yet to love another city as much as this one. Do I need to get out more? You betcha! I live with my fiance, Matt, and our two doggos. My two-year-old Boxer named Katrin and my 10-year-old miniature dachshund named Marley. And, yes, it's never a dull moment with a dog that doesn't know she weighs 65 pounds and the other who still tries to own the house at a whomping 15 pounds. When I'm not escaping the beautiful traffic of Austin, I am a local marketer for an up and coming marketing consulting agency. I specialize in helping clients with their LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to drive more sales, brand awareness and become a thought leader for their field and network. I love my job for one reason, I love helping people. My passion for marketing, pr and social media started in my late teen years. I was going to high school and was blessed to have hard-working parents. So much so, they would own their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. I saw the struggle and the difficulty it took on both of my parents, and what made it even more frustrating was the passion and skillset for their profession, but their marketing efforts weren't executed effectively. Now, we swing it back to today! I love my field and I love what I do. There are sooooo many thought leaders, influencers, content strategist that tell us all the time...this is the correct formula to follow to reach "X", but in reality, just like technology, it's always changing.

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