CrossFit Austin & Austin Weightlifting

The slideshow above will give you some insight into my gym and the training equipment that come with it. After the Iron Cat, training is never over. I am back training for another competition in June, and luckily for me, it is going to be at my gym, CrossFit Austin. If you haven’t already noticed thatContinue reading “CrossFit Austin & Austin Weightlifting”

Following Interview with Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Austin, Tim Garland!

I enjoyed interviewing my Weightlifting Coach, Dylan Wall, so much that I decided to interview the owner of Austin Weightlifting and CrossFit Austin too! First, I would like to provide a little overview of the new owner of CrossFit Austin and Austin Weightlifting, and how I became such a firm believer in both of these exercise outlets.Continue reading “Following Interview with Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Austin, Tim Garland!”

Dieting For A Student And Weightlifter

As a student taking five classes during the week, and being a competitive weightlifter, my time has to be calculated by the minute. I have to plan out when I am going to eat at a specific time, to avoid the embarrassing stomach growl in a quiet lecture that I’m sure we have all heard orContinue reading “Dieting For A Student And Weightlifter”