IT’S TIME TEXAS is a non-profit organization changing the lives of Texans by providing access to fitness, nutrition, wellness and overall steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

IT’S TIME TEXAS located in North Austin.

I worked with two brilliant marketing coordinators where we all shared ideas on how best to promote ITT’s programs on all social media platforms. I helped developed a social media calendar to prepare content weeks in advance, and I also worked with another Marcom (marketing and communication) intern to develop a marketing plan for a program that the Marketing Director was looking to endorse to gain more customer to attend.

I also shot a promotional video for a class during this internship where I interviewed Allison Stinnett, the Outreach Coordinator for IT’S TIME TEXAS at the Keep Austin Playing Event. Check it out here!

It was an extraordinary experience to not only work with this team, but also have a close working environment with the previous CEO, Barker Harrell, and the Marketing Director, Tracy Walker.


After the completion of my summer internship at IT’S TIME TEXAS and heading into my last semester at Texas State, I applied for another internship working as a PR and marketing intern at a startup called Chipper.

Chipper is an app that links both student loans and debit card to help pay down your student loans. Chipper rounds-up your daily transactions to the nearest dollar and contributes as an additional payment to your student loans. A better picture of this would be looking at all those dimes, pennies, quarters and nickels in your cup holder that’s just sitting there, and having it be applied as a payment to your loans! Yeah, crazy right? Change as an extra payment toward your loans, basically.

I started as a PR and marketing intern and earned my position as Chipper’s Engagement Coordinator. I work with delivering content on all major social media platforms, speaking alongside the CEO, Tony Aguilar, at events and creating partnerships with publications, micro-influencers and bloggers.

Chipper is on a mission to remedy the crisis of student loan debt. Student loans have a huge effect on how young professionals live, it’s even made headlines in the recent 2020 presidential election.