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Bring On The Real World

Okay, is it me or is this real-world stuff like hard? Here’s the deal, I’m not a writer… but you can’t be great at something without taking a cold hard look at it and doing something about it. So, for me, it’s writing. You’ve been warned, but also you’re part of my writing journey, so thank you for reading along through all of my grammatical misfortunes. My colleagues in the writing field, look away. I mean, I can ‘write’, but am I the best writer ever? Obviously no. However, I digress, you’re here for Marketing!

I want to share it all! The good. The bad. The ugly, which I wish I could say there’s more good than ugly, but let’s be real, we are talking about life here. I want to walk you through my journey into the Marketing world. You know overcoming not only getting laid off twice, ouch, but overcoming what every creator goes through, IMPOSTER SYNDROME! Let’s be real, I still struggle with this b***h daily.

Let’s start from the beginning, my internship with a start-up company in Austin, Texas. I applied like many Millenials, on Indeed. I uploaded my resume and wrote a compelling, ‘Why should you be hired for this job’ and completed the assignment after passing the first interview. Whooo! Now, did I learn a lot? Yes. Did I learn a little bit more about the tech industry and actually learning to make something out of nothing? Yes. But, was I doing things that I was going to school for? No, eh kinda.

See while I was going to school, my degree was in Public Relations and Communications. Why did I choose PR? Honestly, I wanted to go to school for Marketing, but those business courses, yeah no. I wasn’t about to struggle-bus my way through another calculus class. I chose PR because of my background in customer service and also its connections to bring a whole story to life for a business.

“Well, that’s just good PR!”

We’ve heard that phrase before, well in this role and what I have defined on my LinkedIn profile was a ‘PR and Marketing Intern’. First lesson kiddies, now I haven’t done any research on this, other than speaking to highly qualified college graduates that your first actual job won’t be what you went to school for. I rather you just hear it from me, here, and now. And, if your one of those lucky few who actually did go into your a job that you went to school for, well congratulations!

Here’s one of your many lessons, get off your high horse and be flexible with your internships, some will be great, but some will just be there for connections and street cred for your resume.