Austin Animal Center

As one of the Marketing Specialist for Austin Animal Center, I helped establish marketing initiatives to help our furry friends find their forever homes. I accomplished this through brand awareness, content marketing strategies and providing information to customers in person and through our social media channels. To engage with this audience, I provided social listening initiatives across our platforms to communicate with the audience. I managed the organization’s Facebook page with over 100,000 followers and Instagram page with 48,000 followers. I implemented stories into the marketing strategy, which reached 0 to 5,000 on Instagram and 0 to 3,500 on Facebook. To further promote adoptable animals and programs to the public, I worked with staff to create user-generated content to expand our audience reach. I helped design graphics that were used across the City of Austin departments and I created informative videos for programs our Facebook group.

StandOut Authority

As Community Manager for StandOut Authority, I was mentored and coached by, Joshua B. Lee and Rachel B. Lee, two of the leading experts on LinkedIn Marketing. I  provided tools and resources for businesses and individuals to create a human-to-human connection with their audience. I helped create white pages, graphics and decks using Canva that boosted the SOA brand. I also worked closely with the CEO, Joshua B. Lee, to instruct our clients on the H2H marketing strategy that would increase leads, conversation rates, engagement and sales. I also managed the LinkedIn profiles for Dan Sullivan, Benjamin Hardy and other clients.

Chipper App

Promoted from a PR and Marketing Intern to Engagement Coordinator, I helped Chipper launch it’s app through marketing and social media strategies. I attended conferences and events to promote Chipper’s features to the public. I worked closely with the CEO and Head of Engineering on a daily basis to help customers across the U.S on troubleshooting issues and customer relations. I monitored 150 conversations weekly through the company’s chat service, Intercom. Through Intercom, I tested messaging for segmented audiences with push notification strategies, email marketing, and feature announcements. I also managed content creation on all major social media outlets, which included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.
I created graphics in Photoshop, Spark, Canva, VSCO, UnFold and CutStory. I shot videos in Filmora to promote product releases and interview team members. I helped conduct surveys to test voice and tone for the company’s online presence and to create relevant content. I coordinated Chipper’s first 2019 SXSW Startup Crawl event with Capital Factory, as one of its host spots. Through this event, I pitched to investors, students and colleagues who attended the event. The four-hour event hosted 500 attendees.
As a student loan borrower myself, I believe in Chipper’s mission. I learned so much about grassroots marketing, A/B testing, beta-testing and the startup industry.
I am hoping to continue my passion for making an impactful marketing strategy by partnering up with you! Head over to my Contact page so we can set up a call. Let’s make some magic happen, or we can just talk about my dogs, either or, I’M DOWN! 😉
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