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Another Weightlifting Blog?!

A Review: Wine to Weightlifting  When I was trying to look up blogs similar to mine, I googled, "weightlifting blog for beginners, Olympic weightlifting, female weightlifting blogs," and finally came across one that I found close to mine. The first impression I had of Wine to Weightlifting was what a great website name. It was catchy, and you … Continue reading Another Weightlifting Blog?!

The Oly Life: Snatch & Clean and Jerk

There are two movements in Olympic weightlifting---the snatch, and clean and jerk. My friend Beverly Lopez will be showing you both of these lifts. The snatch will be shown in the first video, and in the second video will be the clean and jerk. The snatch is probably the most complicated movement in Olympic weightlifting.  The … Continue reading The Oly Life: Snatch & Clean and Jerk