As a PR specialist, I have been instructed by some of the BEST professors in the state of Texas. Okay, I might be a little biased, but I believe they have taught me to be a decent to an above-average writer. Whether it’s a video, a news release, a simple story or a caption on Instagram, it must hold true to one simple thing, is the reader/viewer interested within the first sentence or paragraph?

COMM 2310, Writing for Publication and Media at Jack J. Valenti School of Communication-Univerisity of Houston

I will NEVER forget what my Writing for Print and Media professor told me, “When you’re writing about anything think about having it played out as a movie in your head.” As I continue in my career, I am drawn back to my professor, Annette Fuller’s statement. Annette Fuller was my college professor at the University of Houston- Main Campus, and when I say I was committed to her class, I was committed. It wasn’t easy taking a Saturday morning class for 2 hours EVERY Saturday, but I did it. I can also say to this day if I were to go back to school, I would definitely go back just to be taught by her.

Old Main, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Texas State University-San Marcos

Now, as a PR specialist and a writer, you can’t be great without a little tough love, now that’s where my other professor Charles “Chuck” Kaufman comes in. One of my favorite quotes by good old Chuck is, “How is anyone great at anything? Practice. Practice makes any writer, sports athlete, chef, anyone great.” So, that’s what I’ve tried to do. Okay, maybe at least thought about doing from time to time, it’s a working progress. Being a great writer doesn’t happen overnight like good old Chuck said, it takes practice.

I am a new kid in the PR and Marketing space, but people and human relationships are what I know! I’ve worked for multiple industries which have included; Audi South Austin, JCrew, AISD, Parks and Recreation, a law firm, a non-profit to a startup. I know people, but most importantly how to communicate to a customer of any background, demographic or origin.

At 15-years-old to today at 27-years-old, there’s one thing in my 12 years of employment that I know–going above and beyond for a customer will do more for a business than any marketing campaign or giveaway on Instagram. Creating loyal relationships and making human to human connections is my passion, take a tour of my work!

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